Luogo - Museum

Museo civico di Luino

Where Via D. Alighieri, 6, Luino (Varese)
Place of art and nature the whole of Lake Maggiore boasts many museums in these places tells the history and culture of a land "alive" , deeply attached to their traditions . In Verbania the Landscape Museum offers its collections of landscape painting , sculpture, archeology and popular devotion . In Santa Maria Maggiore, in the Valley of the painters , the historic Art Gallery " Rossetti Valentini " a collection of works of the great local artists . In Ghiffa the Hat Museum exhibits the history of Italian glamor while in Gignese you can visit the Museum of the umbrella. Lake Orta arise Design Museum and the Museum of Tap, located in Orta San Giulio . In the valleys , however , the mountain and its traditions take center stage in many museums , there are examples of Macugnaga the Mountain Museum or the Museum of the wood in Val Strona above Lake Orta. In all the museums, in addition to the permanent exhibitions are proposed numerous exhibitions ranging from minor arts to sculpture and painting.
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