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Gipsoteca Spazio scultura Pellini - Bozzolo

Where Via Dante, 17, Marchirolo (Varese)

"Gipsoteca Spazio Scultura Pellini Bozzolo" was opened in 1996, bringing together thirty works of by Eugenio Pellini (1864-1934), Eros Pellini (1909-1993) and Adriano Bozzolo (1927-2011). Marchirolo is part of a territory where the tradition of plasterers and "picapietra" was very important and this explains why a few kilometres away there are other two museums of plaster casts: one in Ligornetto (Switzerland), where there is the collection of Vincenzo Vela's works, and the other in Viggiù, where there are works by Enrico Butti. The implementation of our "Gipsoteca" is part of a larger and long-term project greatly wanted by the major Dino Busti to promote the territory and to preserve past and memories.

Gipsoteca Spazio Scultura Pellini - Bozzolo c
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