Luogo - Museum

Museo del Costume e degli Ori Arbëreshë

Where Piazza Drammis, 5, Vaccarizzo Albanese (Cosenza)

The Museum is housed in the Cumano Palace, built by Cumano brothers in 1763. The permanent exhibition includes traditional gala and daily costumes from many Arbëreshë communities.  Besides the typical costume of Vaccarizzo Albanian, are exposed other from Frascineto, Farneta, St. Demetrio Corone, Piana of Albanian, St. Sofia of Epirus and Spezzano Albanian. In the upper floor there is also a collection of gold and reproduction of antique jewelry from the local community of exquisite workmanship and symbology. Of note is the photo exhibition and lithographs documenting the customs of other Albanian communities.

Museo del Costume e degli Ori Arbëreshë c
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