Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa Matrice di Santa Maria Maggiore

Where Via Toscano, 7, Corigliano Calabro (Cosenza)

Mother Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, small Baroque jewel, collects the most ancient memories of Christianity in Corigliano. It goes back, in fact, at 970, a time when the inhabitants of coast occupied Serratore hill. The first signs are nevertheless previous (sixth century). Church keeps original Greek-Orthodox rite up to 1400. It was rebuilt for the first time in 1329 by Count Ruggero Sangineto, restored in current Baroque style in 1744 and later brought in original part by local artisans. The interior, single nave, preserves many valuable works: a seventeenth-century painting attributed to Cesare Fracanzano, "Sant'Agata in prison" (1650), an eighteenth-century painting cycle by Pietro Costantini from Serra San Bruno and a great organ 1757. Choir, carved in walnut with inlays in wood figures, dates back to the last quarter of the eighteenth century and is work by cabinetmaker Agostino Fusco from Morano Calabro; marble decorations (Carrara marble with polychrome inlays) are work by Palmieri from Naples. Under the plan trample the crypts of noble families Morgia and Persian. The sacristy is a small museum in itself: its carved and gilded wooden furnishings retain, in addition to ancient vestments of gold damask belonging to Peretti family (nephew of Pope Sixtus IV), silks and silver (including a copy of a ciborium stolen in 1806), one of the richest and oldest archives in the city. The archive starts from 1555 with parchment testifies to the aggregation of numerous parishes and brotherhoods in the area and contains several valuable manuscripts and large choir books.

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