Luogo - Castle

Castello Ducale

Where via Francesco Compagna, 1, Corigliano Calabro (Cosenza)

The Ducal Castle, located in a prominent position, is an integral part of the urban fabric of the historic center. It was built in 1073, at the behest of Robert the Guiscard, with initial function of military fort. In the fourteenth century, it was rebuilt by the Sanseverino family and in the fifteenth century, for a short time he became the owner Ferdinand I of Aragon, who strengthened the defensive system with the construction of the keep and the drawbridge. In the sixteenth century, the owners always Sanseverino, turned it into a residence. The present appearance shows a building in mixed stone, with a square plant and three tapered towers and a circular tower added in the late 1400s, while the drawbridge. The tower has undergone a transformation in the mid '800, with the overlap of an octagonal turret according to viewpoint.

* A. Calderazzi, R. Carafa (a cura di), La Calabria fortificata. Ricognizione e schedatura del territorio, Vibo Valentia, 1999
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