Luogo - Castle

Torre del Coltellazzo

Where Ussana (Cagliari)
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The Tower of Coltellazzo rises on a promontory dominating the charming Nora bay, in an ideal position to control the sea and the inland. It was built in the first years of the 17th century over a Phoenician- Punic acropolis. 

It was built of calcareous sandstone, in the shape of a truncated cone. The entrance leaded into a domed chamber with a pilaster in the middle and stiffening ribs. Various rooms were destined to the troops, the captain of the tower, or used as powder- magazine, storehouse, storeroom and a kitchen. A flight of stairs in the wall leaded to the terrace, the so- called %u2018piazza d%u2019armi%u2019. Between 1722 and 1728 the engineer Antonio Felice de Vincenti transformed the tower into a fortress building a turreted wall. In the 19th century it was modified adding an external staircase to make the entry easier.

The name %u201CColtellas%u201D dates from the Medieval age. Since 1740 the name of the tower (%u201CColtellas de Sant%u2019Efis%u201D) has been connected to the sanctuary of Sant%u2019Efisio, built where, according to tradition, the patron saint of Cagliari and Sardinia was martirized.


Not accessible to disabled people.

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