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Museo di Mineralogia e Museo di Paleontologia

Where Via Trentino, 51, Cagliari

The collections are made up of thousands of exhibits mineralogical, geological and palentologici not only from Sardinia, but also from other parts of the world. Most of these are stored in the cabinets located in the corridors of the Department of Earth Sciences, while many others are kept in the drawers, waiting to be transferred to appropriate showcases. The material is mainly from Sardinia. In the collection "Leonardo De Prunner" there are minerals such as argentiti and native silver from Sarrabus; the cerussiti, the anglesiti and fosgeniti from Montevecchio, Monteponi and Villaputzu. The museum houses a collection of Sardinian rocks of Alberto Della Marmora and some beautiful atlases in support of the work "Voyage en Sardaigne", always Della Marmora.
Of particular interest is the collection of diamonds and platinum nuggets donated in 1866 by G. Mendel.

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