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Museo Etnografico Regionale Collezione Luigi Cocco

Where Piazza Arsenale, 1, Cagliari

The regional collection Luigi Cocco is made up of about two thousand objects related to popular culture of Sardinia, dating mostly from the second half of the nineteenth century and the first fifty years of the twentieth century; in particular includes seven hundred thirty-one textiles and one thousand and six hundred sixty-six jewelry, as well as a small number of tools, furniture and carvings. The collection is named from the magistrate Luigi Cocco (1883 Villasor - Cagliari 1959) who, in the twenties of the twentieth century, has spent his life to collect works of popular art of Sardinia, first in his native Villasor and gradually in several parts of the island. In 1937 a large part of the collection is already formed and many of its objects participating in exhibitions ethnography of Sardinia. In 1948, by decree of the Minister of Education, is named as "complex of exceptional artistic and historical interest." Following the enactment of Law of May 18, 1954 n. 18, the collection was purchased by the Region of Sardinia with a deed signed on October 25, 1954.

Museo etnografico Luigi Cocco c
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