Luogo - Religious building

Chiostro di San Domenico

Where Piazza San Domenico, 4, Cagliari

The Cloister of San Domenico is located in the historic district of Villanova, is displaced laterally to the old church of the same name, badly damaged during the Second World War and is the most famous monument of Catalan Gothic art (first half of the fifteenth century) in Cagliari.
It has a square with a perimeter of about 25 m per side, open to the garden with round arches set on piers. The west wing consists of seven century chapels, with vaulted ceilings, the bays are divided by molded underarches resting on shelves richly worked. In the south, two rows of arches are also based on the same stage edificatoria of Catalan Gothic style. The east wing and north arise from the reconstruction ordered by King Philip II of Spain, in 1598. From the cloister you can enter the central hall of the ancient church, which is the Chapel of the Rosary, dated around 1580.

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