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Villa Muscas Centro della Cultura Contadina

Where Via S. Alenixedda, 2, Cagliari

Exposes tools and agricultural equipments, household utensils, objects of fine workmanship. Of great interest is the  Roman well, dated between the second and third century AD, and a collection of historical wine consists of 1300 bottles. It is divided into two main paths.
The building that houses the museum was built over the different periods of a medieval monastic plant. The museum is on two levels and it is accessible by a court that exposes the production machineries of the traditional world of  Sardinia. The ground floor is divided into several rooms dedicated to equipments and items for the cultivation of the land and processing and measurement products (olives, grapes, corns), the tools related to the wine production, including a wooden historic press, and objects related to the dairy industry. Then, It is possible to accesses to the cloister, where there is a tank (not visible) of the '300, which is surrounded by three circles devoted to winemaking and distillation, and different harness for working animals, tools for shoeing and marking of animals, yokes, prods. The first floor shows, on four rooms, a permanente photographic exhibition about historical memory (1885-2000).

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