Luogo - Historical building

Palazzo Reale

Where Piazza Palazzo, 1, Cagliari

The Royal Palace of Cagliari was the former residence of the kings during the Aragonese, Spanish and Savoy domination. It currently houses the Prefecture and the Province of Cagliari (1885). The Palace has origins in fourteenth century and became seat of the Viceroy from 1337. Over the centuries it underwent several changes and additions: particularly significant were the restoration of the eighteenth century by engineers de Guibert and de Vincenti, who built the grand staircase leading to the first floor, whose rooms were restored in 1735 by Della Vallea. The west facade, which opens onto the main portal, was completed in 1769, as evidenced by an inscription. In 1893 began work of decoration of the Council Chamber, with frescoes by Domenico Bruschi and stucco by Angeletti.

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