Luogo - Archaeological Area

Necropoli di Tuvixeddu

Where Via Falzarego, Cagliari

The Tuvixeddu Necropolis (Sardinian, "Hill of small flowers") is the largest Phoenician-Punic necropolis still existing. It extends within the city of Cagliari, on the whole hill of the same name. Between the sixth and third centuries BC the Carthaginians chose the hill to bury their dead. These burials were reached through a well dug in the limestone, in which a small opening introduced to the burial chamber. The burial chambers were finely decorated, inside guarded funeral with several vials for perfume essences. At the foot of the hill is also a Roman necropolis, mainly composed of arcosolium and columbaria tombs. Of particular interest, including the Punic tombs: the Uraeus Tomb and the Tomb of the Fighter, decorated with palms and masks still well preserved; and the Tomb of the Wheel, excavated by Ferruccio Barreca. In 1997, the Necropolis was opened to the public for the first time, on the occasion of the first edition of "Open Monument".

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