Luogo - Historical building

Palazzo Barrago

Where Via Marche, 17, Cagliari

Barrago Palace, an elegant Art Nouveau building in the center of Cagliari, is named after its last owner. The building was built between 1913 and 1915, by the Ligurian entrepreneur Augustine Casaccia, who established on the island, where he remained until 1923, an activity probably related to the wine industry. In 1941 the building was purchased by Francis Barrago and in 1974 the Ministry of Education will declared its historical-artistic interest. In 1989 he was recognized as State property and intended to seat the Archival Superintendency for Sardinia, that moved there in 1996, at the end of a long restoration. The construction, with a rectangular plan, is composed of a raised floor and a first floor; presents valuable terracotta decorations on the facades, inside an elegant wrought-iron staircase and on the walls and ceilings, delicate paintings at tempera.

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