Luogo - Theatre

Teatro Massimo di Cagliari

Where Via E. De Magistris, 12, Cagliari

Teatro Massimo of Cagliari dates back to 1944-47, designed by two young Cagliari architects, Oddone Devoto and Emilio Stefano Garau. It was built inside old steam mill of Merello family. Massimo was equipped with a large hall with a balcony of 1,550 seats. Theatrical and cinematographic performances continued until the 1970s, to stop due to Merello's desire to demolish the theater to build a series of palaces. In October 2004, the restructuring project was formalized, leading to the demolition ofe xternal facade, the balcony and some other structures. New structure houses two rooms: one with 752 seats, between the hall, the gallery and eight side loggia, with a ceiling with bright stars; the other hall with 202 seats.

Immagine descrittiva - CC BY-SA Di Monkey2000 - Opera propria, CC BY-SA 3.0, c
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