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Castello di San Michele

Where Via Sirai, Cagliari

The St. Michele Castle is a fortified building, dating back to the Judicial period, on the hill of Circo Cagliari. Excavations in 1990 revealed the remains of a rural church, probably from the early medieval period, on which the castle was built later, at least in the twelfth century, to defend the city of St. Igia, capital of Judicature of Cagliari. The complex has three towers and a moat that surrounds the structure. The most important period of the Castle is undoubtedly between 1350 and 1511, a period when it was inhabited by the Carroz family, Spanish noble house. It was later abandoned and used as a hospital during the epidmia of plague. Was again fortified for defense of the French attacks between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Around 1940, it was manned by the Navy. The castle has undergone a substantial modification in the structure, used as a Center of Art and Culture.

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Castello di San Michele c
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