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Museo del Merletto

Where Via Guglielmi, Tuoro sul Trasimeno (Perugia)
The Lace Museum The Museo del Merletto is hosted inside Palazzo delle Opere Pie, in the small village on the western side of the Isola Maggiore—Tuoro sul Trasimeno Municipality. Inside the Museum it is possible to admire a vast display of handmade laceworks executed in the School of Embroidery instituted in the first years of the 20th century by the Marchioness Elena Guglielmi with the aim of economically emancipating the women of the island. In the school the daughters of the fishermen, residents of the island, learned the delicate work of producing crochet laces—so called “from Ireland”—that were then sold in Perugia and Rome, also to the Royal Family, thanks to the Guglielminis’ acquaintances. Half a century later, the precious qualities of the lace manufacturing and the growing demand for laces, led some women to start a real and true entrepreneurial working activity by re-opening the old school of lacework, which has even gained international recognition.
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