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Museo diocesano diffuso di Pieve del Vescovo

Where Via Bonciari - Località Migiana di , Corciano (Perugia)
Pieve del Vescovo Diocesan Museum The Museo Diocesano Diffuso of Pieve del Vescovo stands facing—while immersed in a green valley below—the historical city center of Corciano. It is considered to be one of the most significant architectural monuments in Perugian territory. The castle was built at the end of the 14 century, around and above a pre-existing religious edifice. During the Renaissance, however, the majestic bastion lost its rigidly conceived defensive characteristics, acquiring the prerogatives of a noble opulent residence, embellished by a splendid garden. Enriched with comforts and precious decorations, the complex became the assiduous destination of Perugian bishops for their long stays. Currently the castle, with its squared floor plan and its four perimetric towers, still stands as a massive and imposing mansion. And while its complex architectural stratification is of great interest, allowing an attentive eye to detect the various phases of its construction, the rich decorative heritage left inside, both pictorial and plastic, is no less significant.
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