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Museo della Pievania "Giuseppe Laudati"

Where Via Tarragone, Corciano (Perugia)
The Pievania Museum "Giuseppe Laudati" The Museo Della Pievania "Giuseppe Laudati" is inside the Church of San Cristoforo, right in the city center of Corciano. Erected in 1537, the church was built upon the remnants of an ancient Etruscan temple. On its facade the sober Renaissance portal stands out. The museum is dedicated to the artist Giuseppe Laudati (1669-1737), from Corciano. The collection includes the most significant evidence of the history of the Christian community in Corciano. Among the works of art exhibited in the museum, all coming from the churches in town, there are frescoes from the 14 and 15 century, canvases painted by the Laudati, sculptures of Romano Alberti from San Sepolcro, liturgical vestments and furnishings, Ex-voto and reliquaries. The popular religiosity is documented by a number of finely chiseled reliquaries and Ex-votos. To complete the collection, there are not only ancient documents, parchments and papal bulls, but also pictures, posters and newsletters connected with the activity of the parish in recent years.
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