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Museo storico della Perugina

Where Viale San Sisto, 207/C, Perugia
Perugina Historical Museum The Museo Storico della Perugina is in San Sisto, a suburban locality—not far from the city center of Perugia—close to the Perugia-Madonna Alta exit from the Perugia-Bettolle highway. Born in 1997, as a branch of the Buitoni-Perugina Historical Archive, on the occasion of the ninetieth anniversary of the foundation of the well-known confectionery company, the Museum illustrates the history of the Enterprise and its famous products. Together with the industrial machinery for the confectionery in use since 1907, three multimedia desks are at the disposal of the visitor to illustrate the cocoa-chocolate manufacture processing, life within the company between the 1930s and the 1950s and the strategies and techniques of company communication. Apart from the numerous classical product presentation boxes, the pioneering advertising campaigns done starting from the 1930s—innovative both for the tools and the then new means of communication used—are illustrated—i.e. the Radio, the shows and the contests, up to the Television, where famous sketches appeared in the evening program called “Carosello”, very well known to Italians.
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