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Piazza IV Novembre

Where Piazza IV Novembre, Perugia

Located in the historic center of Perugia, the asymmetrical Square opens to the convergence of the five roads that structure the Medieval town: here was placed the ancient forum and there are preserved monuments connected to the Etruscan-Roman plant. The current structure is defined with the restructuring of Plataea Comunis or Magna (the space between the Cathedral and today's Republic Square), commissioned by the city and carried out between the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries. Square changed again its appearance in 1591, when it opened a new and wider access road (now Via Calderini): the urban scene is characterized by the natural contours of the land and the facades of the major monuments (Fontana Maggiore, St. Lowrence's Cathedral, and Priori Palace). Square is the scenario of the summer concerts during the Umbria Jazz Festival, the Fair of the Dead and Eurochocolate, chocolate fair born in 1993.

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