Luogo - Religious building

Cattedrale di San Lorenzo

Where Piazza IV Novembre, 14, Perugia

The Cathedral goes back to a project in 1300 by Bavignante, completed in 1490. The exterior decoration, a geometric pattern of diamond shapes in pink and white marble (taken from the Arezzo's Cathedral), it was never completed, and now occupies only the lower part of the side. The interior decoration was completed in the eighteenth century, with the addition of paintings, stucco, gilding and marble. The Cathedral of Perugia addressed to the main square of the city its side facade, characterized by the Lodge of Arm (1423), proto-Renaissance structure attributed to Fioravante Fioravanti from Bologna. Along the lateral side, there is the bronze statue of Pope Julius III, built by Vincenzo Danti in 1555, and the portal designed by Galeazzo Alessi in 1568 with a pulpit made up ancient fragments and cosmateschi mosaics. The main facade faces Danti Square, embellished with a portal in Baroque style designed by Pietro Carattoli in 1729. The interior is like "Hallenkirche" (Hall Church), with three naves of equal height. On the left aisle, is the St. Joseph Chapel, dedicated to the Sacred Ring, the wedding ring relic of the Virgin Mary, a green stone of chalcedony outlet closed by the German friar Winter Mainz and donated to the bishop of Perugia in 1473. The Cchapel was once decorated with frescoes by Pinturicchio and a painting by Perugino, the "Marriage of the Virgin", removed during the Napoleonic occupation and replaced by a painting by Jean Baptiste Wicar. Of particular value is the apse, with a beautiful wooden marquetry by Giuliano da Maiano and Domenico del Tasso (1486-91). In the right transept was an altarpiece by Luca Signorelli, depting Saint'Onofrio, now housed in the annex Cathedral Museum. On the right nave is the Sacramento's Chapel, created by Galeazzo Alessi in 1576; later, the St. Bernardino's Chapel, with the most important work preserved in the Cathedral, the "Deposition from the Cross", by Federico Barocci (1567-1569), one of the masterpieces of European painting of the sixteenth century.

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