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Chiesa-Museo di San Francesco

Where via del Serraglio, Corciano (Perugia)
The Church of San Francesco The Chiesa-Museo di San Francesco is located in Corciano, right outside the town walls. Tradition has it that the church had already been built in 1223, to honor and celebrate the passage of St Francis from Assisi, while returning from Lake Trasimeno Isola Maggiore island, in Corciano in 1211. Instead, it is very likely that the church was built at the end of the 13 century, as the first document mentioning it dates back to 30 September 1300. Inside, it is possible to admire some frescoes dating between the end of the 13 and the beginning of the 14 centuries, apart from the works of interesting artists such as Orlando Merlini, Benedetto Bandiera, Lorenzo Sinibaldi, Giovanni Antonio Scaramuccia and Giuseppe Laudati. Under the floor of the church there are 21 family tombs, sealed with marble slabs, where the Coat of Arms of the most important families of Corciano are sculpted. Today, the church provides its premises for events and temporary exhibitions.
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