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Museo della casa contadina

Where Via Tarragone, 12, Corciano (Perugia)
The Rural House Museum The Museo della Casa Contadina is located in the historical city center of Corciano. It was born in 1976 thanks to the passion of some local people and the Pro-Loco, to which the initiative of researching and collecting items of everyday life in the popular domestic economy and of craftsmanship is due. Further donations, have enriched the collection over time, avoiding the dispersion of a heritage that testifies the rural past of Corciano, today assaulted—as a number of other towns in the region—by an imposing industrial development. Although, taking inspiration from the life conditions of a family living inside the civics walls, the Museum documents the wider rural context where the work of the peasants and the economy of survival connected to it was done and lived. In fact the rooms, in which the domestic utensils of common use and the tools used in agricultural activities are collected, revive the traditional rural home: the stables, the granary, the kitchen and the bedroom. Inside the "fondo", a storage room, which is connected to the stables, together with the items usually furnishing a typical rural cellar, the barrel, the "bigoncio"—a wooden tub—and the flasks, there is the most relevant hand made piece of Corciano's collection, a wooden framed handloom, complete with all the accessories needed for hand weaving and hand spinning, such as spindles, some “naspo”—to wind up yarns—distaffs and bobbins. In the kitchen, dominated by the huge fireplace—around which the most important domestic activities were carried out—and fulcrum of the social life of the house—there is displayed a spout, the “acina” to wash clothes and the wooden rustic cupboard used for kneading bread or pasta dough. The bedroom is furnished with an iron bed with its traditional cushion full of cornhusks that served as a mattress. In addition, there is a bed warmer called "prete", a baby walker called "girello", a lavabo stand and embroidered linen and towels. A series of old pictures and sacred images contribute to the reconstruction of the atmosphere of the peasants' 19th century rural social religious environment in Corciano.
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