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Centro di documentazione Imbarcazioni tradizionali delle acque interne italiane

Where Rocca medievale, Passignano sul Trasimeno (Perugia)
Documentation Centre of the Traditional Watercraft of Italian Inland Waterways The Centro di Documentazione Imbarcazioni Tradizionali delle Acque Interne Italiane has its premises inside the medieval wall of the Rocca of Passignano sul Trasimeno. Born from a project of the Università di Perugia, the ALLI-Atlante Linguistico dei Laghi Italiani, the Center was inaugurated in 2004 and exhibits both some of the local Lake Trasimeno traditional watercraft and those of other Italian lakes and fluvial waterways. Along the display pathway, among the boats of Lake Trasimeno, it is possible to find the famous “barchetto del gorro”, a kind of boat that was used up until the 1930s for pulling a fishing net, the “gorro”, a fishing technique called trawling. Apart from this, there are other kinds of boats for fishing coming from Lake Piediluco, Padule di Fucecchio in Tuscany, near Lucca, and from Stagno di Cabras in Sardinia. The most important pieces are the “monossili”—from the Greek “monoxylon”—two dugout canoes made from a hallowed oak tree trunk, which date from the 13th century. They were found along the Passignano coastline, after the dredging done on the Lake’s shoreline. The exhibited items are furnished with 21 thematic panels describing the general framework and an archaeological, historical and linguistic reading of the contents.
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