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Torre dei Lambardi

Where Via della Torre, 1, Magione (Perugia)
Lambardi Tower The Torre dei Lambardi stands on top of a hill, overlooking the town of Magione, in a position from where it is possible to enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of Perugia and Lake Trasimeno. The tower was erected, between the 12th and the 13th century, by the Templar Knights of Jerusalem, called “gerosolimitani”—i.e. from Jerusalem. It is three-stories-high—30 meters approximately—and has two mezzanines and a panoramic terrace. It has a squared floor plan that was originally a buttress in defense of the entrance door, and there is a bastion-like construction at its base. Between the end of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the Lambardi Tower progressively lost its military and strategic importance. After alternate fortunes, it was restored by the municipality of Magione in the 1980s that uses the edifice and its rooms for displays and exhibitions.
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