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Museo all'aperto "Campo del Sole"

Where Loc. Punta Navaccia, Tuoro sul Trasimeno (Perugia)
The Open Air Museum of “Campo del Sole” The Museo all’Aperto Campo del Sole is in Navaccia, on the Lido of Tuoro sul Trasimeno, in a vast area of naturalistic interest. It displays 27 huge sculpted columns of a kind of sandstone—called “pietra serena”—arranged in a spiral with a diameter of 44 meters. It was designed by Pietro Cascella, in collaboration with Mauro Berrettini and Cordelia Von Den Steinen, under the direction of Enrico Crispolti. It is proposed as a Memorial place—the area was the historical battlefield with the Carthaginian Hannibal—but also as an invitation to the dialogue and meeting of people, as figuratively suggested by the central table, a work executed by Cascella.
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