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Centro di documentazione permanente su Annibale e la battaglia del Trasimeno

Where Via Ritorta, 1, Tuoro sul Trasimeno (Perugia)
Permanent Documentation Center: “Hannibal and the Battle of Trasimeno Lake” “Historical and Archaeological Itinerary of the Trasimeno Battle” Tuoro sul Trasimeno, as per many historians opinion, was the theater of the Battle of Trasimeno, the first of the serious defeats suffered by the Roman forces by the Carthaginian army, led by Hannibal Barca on 24 June 217 B.C. This was the third victory accomplished by the Carthaginian leader in his campaign in Italy, after those of the rivers Ticinus and Trebia, before the massacre of Cannae. To remember this historical event, the Municipality of Tuoro sul Trasimeno has organized an itinerary subdivided into 12 stops, all equipped with panels illustrating the various stages of the battle, the characteristics of the two armies and their military equipment. During the summer, the itinerary is also the place where commemorative theatrical representations that involve the visitors are performed. Palazzo della Capra, instead, is the seat of the Documentation Center, which responds to scientific and popularization needs. Inside there is a Conference Room, equipped for film projections, a specialized Library, the Room dedicated to the Second Punic War and the Battle of Trasimeno Lake and a small Archaeological Museum. The Center is periodically the seat for meetings, conferences, debates and presentations of publications and magazines on the topic.
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