Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa di Santa Maria Maggiore (o Madonna Grande)

Where Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore, 17, Treviso

Known as Madonna Grande (in Treviso "Madona Granda"), it is the site of the conversion of St. Jerome Emiliani and one of the main places of worship of Clerks Regular of Somasca, as well as headquarters of the city. The first nucleus of the building should go back to a period between the end of the first and third centuries. After successive enlargements, Sanctuary was destroyed during the looting of the city taken by Hungarians, in 899. Church was then rebuilt in the eleventh century. Current structure is partly dating back to the fifteenth century. In typical Venetian late Gothic style, with oriental lines, the facade is simple and bare, completely covered in brick and topped with five kiosks in Istrian stone. The large central door and two side doors are subject to as many rosettes. The building, with longitudinal plant, is divided into three naves. In the apse is Mascioni organ (1955).

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