Luogo - Museum

Complesso di Santa Caterina

Where Piazzetta Mario Botter, 10, Treviso

Santa Caterina's Complex consisting of former Convent of Santa Maria of Mary's Servants and associated former St. Catherine of Alexandria's Church and is one of the three Civic Museums in Treviso. To enhance recovery the intervention by restorer Mario Botter, who in 1945 brought to light pictorial treasure hidden for centuries under the plaster of Church. In Seventies, given success of the exhibition by Arturo Martini staged by Carlo Scarpa, City Council decided to turn in Museum entire complex, entrusting the project to the same Scarpa. After long and challenging work, Complex is now headquarters of Civic Museums of Treviso. Former Convent of Mary's Servants, articulated around two cloisters, follow exactly fourteenth century structure. In the basement are displayed collections of Prehistoric period; on ground floor artefacts found during excavations carried out in historic center of Treviso. The visit is completed by antiquarian collections of Civic Museum and collections of Medieval, Renaissance and Modern Venetian artists. Former Church is Gothic-style building built in the late fifteenth century with a single nave. It preserves numerous frescoes from the second half of the fourteenth and the first decades of the fifteenth century.

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