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Museo Diocesano di Arte Sacra

Where Via Canoniche, 9, Treviso

Opened in 1988, it is housed in the building commonly known as "Old Canonical" (XII century), ancient seat of the canons of Cathedral. Museum is spread in various rooms on levels, which are presented several works different by type, school and provenance. The exhibition starts on the ground floor, with Archaeological Section that exposes marble funerary remains, including particularly important the ark of Blessed Henry of Bolzano (1351), work by Venetian workshop. It continues with Art Gallery, which has very eteronegee works of mainly Venetian artists, including Padovanino, Rocco Marconi, Palma il Giovane and Andrea Celesti. Goldsmith Section is constituted by Treasure of Cathedral. Of great importance is the collection of Sacred Vestments, enriched by some of Pope Pius X memories, native in the province of Treviso.

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