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Piazza dei Signori

Where Piazza dei Signori, 9, Treviso

Piazza dei Signori is the main square of Treviso, located in the heart of the city and its cultural, historical and social life. Square, whose name is due to the presence of the palaces of ancient Lordship of Treviso, was called also Major, Chain or Berlina Square. Piazza dei Signori overlook some relevant architectures: on the north side, Podestà Palace, with Civic Tower, was the seat of Signoria, dating back to the thirteenth century; east, Trecento Palace, former seat of Grand Council; west, Praetorian Palace, with the '600 facade; to the south, the first seat of Library and the Municipal Art Gallery, built in 1847 by the architect Francesco Bomben. In this Square you can see also many lions with open Gospel, sign of Venetian domination.

Immagine descrittiva - BY Di Gary Houston - Opera propria, CC0, c
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