Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa di San Nicolò

Where Via San Nicolò, 18, Treviso

Is the largest church building of this kind in the city. Starting from 1221 Dominicans acquired the land in the south-west, within the city walls, where it seems there was already a chapel dedicated to St. Nicholas. The style of construction is Gothic. columns within reported frescoes by Tommaso da Modena. Each aisle corresponds apse, the central one is the tomb of Augustine Onigo (XV century), fine sculptor work completed by frescoes. Also in the chancel there is a painting of a Madonna Enthroned with Angel and Saints, by Fra' Marco Pensaben (called "Maraveia"), completed in 1521 by Savoldo. In the right aisle, in elevated position, it is the organ by Gaetano Callido with doors painted by Giacomo Lauro. Episcopal Seminary housed since 1840 in former Dominican Monastery. Some rooms are remarkable, in particular that of Chapter, where along the perimeter area there is a vast fresco by Tomaso da Modena (1352) depicting various abbots.

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