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Museo etnografico provinciale

Where VIA CAL DI BREDA, 130, Treviso

The Treviso's Ethnographical Museum is located in "Case Piavone", a 17th century building. It is managed by "Gruppo FolcloristicoTrevigiano" and by the provincial administration. The main purposes of the museum are to preserve, to safeguard and to enhance the traditional heritage of Treviso's area. The conserved items are important for the economy, work, daily life, folklore, dialect, habits of this area's community.
In October 2011, the museum will host the exhibition "Veneto and Dolomites' Ancient carnival masks and rites" curated by Gianluigi Secco, Chairman of Asolo's Soraimar Association. The traditional masks are the expression of silent humanity and mystery. The different characters represent the ancestors' soul and the chthonic spirits, which reassure us about the renewal that the New Year will bring with itself. It means that we can survive to death. The fear about the unknown is fought by the Carnival that is celebrated with foods, parties and abundance and fertility rites.
The museum is located in Storga's Park, an area of natural interest. A dynamic range of offering is planned for all type of schools. Learning laboratories are diversified for several visitors' ages: people can discover and understand past traditions through different activities. 

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