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Museo della media Valle del Liri

Where piazza Christian Mayer Ross, Sora (Frosinone)
Located in Piazza Ross Mayer and former Convent of St. Francis, the museum was established in 1979 on the initiative of the "Vincenzo Patriarca" Centre for Sora Studies, which is responsible for its scientific direction. The museum is located in the historic building, which was remodelled in the 18th century. and recently restored, and was Convent of the order of the Minors since the 13th century. Equipped with a specialised library, photo library and the latest computer systems, the museum documents the human presence in the territory of the middle Liri Valley (of which Sora has been the main centre from prehistory to the present day) through archaeological findings and historical and artistic evidence, with the aid of a rich and mostly unpublished graphic, cartographic and photographic documentation. Particularly important are the sections devoted to the Iron Age, the Italic peoples (Hernici, Volsci and Samnites), the town’s polygonal walls, the collection of Roman inscriptions, the battlements, the rise of religious communities that have for centuries influenced the urban fabric and the countryside of the Sora Basin, and the history of agriculture, grazing and pre-industrialisation. Visitors are also offered historical and artistic itineraries for each period in order to better understand the complex history of the middle basin of the Liri, which acts a real link between the centre and south of Italy. One section of the museum documents the historical and architectural story of the building and the phases of its restoration.
Museo della media Valle del Liri c
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