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Fondazione Umberto Mastroianni

Where Piazza Municipio, 33, Arpino (Frosinone)

Following an established working relationship between the Ciociarian artist and the provincial administration of Frosinone, the Mastroianni Foundation was established in 1993 and, for the first time in Italy, offers a permanent collection of the work of distinguished sculptor Umberto Mastroianni (1910-1998). Housed in three rooms of Palazzo Ducale Boncompagni in Arpino, the collection contains about one hundred works, including bronze and steel sculptures, reliefs, drawings, leads and set design sketches, as well as a large part of the library concerning the art and works of the late master. Worthy of note are the bronze sculptures Torso (1935), Volto di donna (1944) and Maschera (1953); the monumental steel sculptures Astronauta (1972), Macchina spaziale (1973), Cavaliere (1970) and Corsa serrata (1973-78); the engravings Shariff (1966) and Aqaba (1976); and the tempera on cardboard Maschera tragica (1966).

Fondazione Umberto Mastroianni c
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