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Museo naturalistico del Monte Soratte

Where Piazza Cavalieri Caccia, 10, Sant'Oreste (Roma)
The Museum, housed in the prestigious Caccia-Canali Palace, is located in the historical centre of Sant’Oreste, about 70 km from Rome. Through a geological, anthropological, botanic and faunal itinerary, it offers interpretative tools for discovering the Monte Soratte Nature Reserve. Set in a framework of 16th century frescoes and huge period fireplaces, it is possible to observe the tracks of the animals that inhabit the woods, identify the most characteristic plants of the area, understand the origins of the underground caves of Mount Soratte and imagine the life of the original populations inhabiting the area by observing prehistoric tools. Temporary exhibitions, educational activities and cycles of conferences make this Museum a lively cultural centre for tourists, researchers and nature lovers. About two million years ago, Soratte emerged as a calcareous island in the tropical sea of Pliocene, which used to cover the current roman countryside and Lazio coast. Today, the relief dominates the Tiber plain and the large blanket of volcanic lands present to the north of Rome. Because of its isolated nature, it has always been an important area of worship.
Museo naturalistico del Monte Soratte c
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