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Museo del Fiume

Where Via Mazzini, 4, Nazzano (Roma)
A small jewel in the centre of the historical hamlet of Nazzano, the “Museo del Fiume” (River Museum) is located about 50 km from Rome at the foot of the ancient Savelli Castle and just a few metres from the Regional Nature Reserve of Nazzano Tevere-Farfa. The Museum is dedicated to discovery of the secrets of the River Tiber, from geological aspects linked to the relations between the river and territory, to the plants and animals that populate it, up to the pollution problems and historical connections between the River Tiber and human communities. Microscopes that enlarge colourful sands, water drops inhabited by microorganisms, reproductions of the river habitat, wonderful images, and even a paleontological itinerary inside caves obtained by the erosion of sandstone guarantee a tour that is rich in charm and clues for exploring the reserve as real naturalists. A section is dedicated to understanding of the ecosystem in relation to the main phenomena of anthropization. The ornithological collection focused on the main migratory bird species present within the territory of the Regional Nature Reserve of Nazzano Tevere-Farfa is also very interesting. The museum structure includes a room for temporary exhibitions and a multifunctional room that offers the possibility of many activities, from cultural to sports and recreational activities.
Museo del Fiume c
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