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Museo del Monastero delle Orsoline

Where Via Daniele Radici, 2A, Calvi dell'Umbria (Terni)
Ursuline Monastery Museum The Museo del Monastero delle Orsoline premises are located in the historical center of Calvi dell’Umbria; this Municipality is in the far-southern part of the region, near Monte San Pancrazio mountainside. It was opened in 2002, and is hosted by the Monastic Complex of the Nuns of the Ursuline Order. The structure, an outstanding example of Italian architecture of the 18th century, is the result of the incorporation of two churches with the 16th century main building of Palazzo Ferrini, joined together by a monumental façade designed by Ferdinando Fuga around 1739. This famous architect is also credited with the portion of the building constructed purposely for monastery use. The displayed collection consists of works that can be dated approximately between the 16th and the 18th centuries and come from the monastery and the requisitions made in the 19th century by the then newly born Italian State, right after the unification of the nation. In the collection, an expert eye can grasp a glimpse of the artistic influence from the nearby regions, particularly from Rome and The Abruzzi, due to the particular geographical position of Calvi, which is right at the border of Umbria with Lazio and The Abruzzi. The historical halls and rooms of the Monastery are also open to visitors, as are the kitchens, the washhouse, the pharmacy, the cemetery area, the crypt, the vegetable garden and the gardens. The Church of Sant’Antonio Abate is an integral part of the museum itinerary; it hosts a monumental Christmas Crèche of 30 statues in polychrome terracotta realized in 1546 by Giovanni and Raffaele da Montereale, two artists from The Abruzzi.
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