Luogo - Archaeological Area

Parco archeologico di Otricoli e Antiquarium di San Fulgenzio

Where Parco archeologico dell'antica Ocriculum, Otricoli (Terni)
Archaeological Park and Antiquarium of San Fulgenzio The Parco Archeologico di Otricoli is what remains of the Roman town of Ocriculum, which rose on the sides of a deviation from Via Flaminia that was connected with an important River Port, the so-called “Oil Port”, located along a deep curve of the Tiber River that has since disappeared. The port, active at least up to the 15th century, is today part of an itinerary binding the ancient town to the medieval center, standing at a distance of 2kilometers to the northeast of the Roman settlement. The itinerary pathway starts from the Antiquarium of San Fulgenzio, documentation center of all the archaeological area and center for the conservation of the finds coming from the most recent excavation sites. This is an open-air space of approximately 36 hectares, with the main public edifices and funerary monuments of the Roman settlement still visible. They are concentrated at the entrance into town from the Flaminian Way: see the fountain and funerary monuments; at the center of the urban area, see the Octagonal Hall with the Mosaic of the Thermal Complex, the large substructures and the Theater; at the far-southern end, the Amphitheater.
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