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Museo della città in Palazzo Eroli

Where Via Aurelio Saffi, 1, Narni (Terni)
Eroli Civic Museum The Museo Eroli is located in the historical center of Narni, in the Terziere di Fraporta—one of its three medieval neighborhoods—next to the Church of San Francesco and behind the 14th century Palazzo del Podestà. It is easy to reach from the Parcheggio del Suffragio—the car parking—contiguous to the walls of the town, and connected to the historical center by some elevators. Palazzo Eroli, as it looks today, was built as a noble residence of the local Eroli family, who—probably between the 17th and 18th centuries—grouping together various adjacent estates later joined together by a façade in common, transformed the agglomerate into their “Palace” in town. The museum display is distributed over three floors. The First Floor is dedicated to the Prehistoric era in the local territory. From the evidence—animal fossils and utensils—collected and found in the territory, the exhibition reveals the ancient Roman Narnia and—always through the archeological findings—the visitor is guided to the medieval period of the town. This section goes into the life of the illustrious Captain of Fortune, Erasmo da Narni, known as Gattamelata. Video projections on plasma maxi screens, evocative music and panels that intend to arose emotions in the visitor—projecting him back into the history of this territory—accompany him towards the Gallery, where it is possible to admire, among other things, the altarpiece of The Coronation of the Virgin of Domenico Ghirlandaio and The Annunciation of Benozzo Gozzoli, both commissioned by Cardinal Berardo Eroli, highest example of patronage in Narni in the 15th century. In the display, there are works of art accompanied by innovative didactic aids, mostly of local artists, which show the visitor the evolution of the art in Narni from the 14th to the 18th century. A room is dedicated to displaying the works; part of the collection was donated, during the 1930s, to the Municipality of Narni by the collector Edoardo Martinori, which includes an Egyptian wooden sarcophagus and an Egyptian Mummy, decorated with a rich and fine cartonnage. In the 2700 square meters of Palazzo Eroli, apart from the exhibition area of the museum, various cultural events are also hosted. There is a bookstore with a didactic and recreational area for young people, and a cafeteria with a panoramic view on the Nera River Valley.
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