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Teatro Comunale

Where Via Garibaldi 29, 3, Narni (Terni)
Civic Theater In 1845 the construction of the Teatro Comunale of Narni was decided. It was for this purpose that the Società Teatrale, with the involvement of the Municipality, was founded. The architect author of the design was Professor Santini from Perugia, the engineer and director of the construction site was the architect Fedeli, the painter of the vault was Giovanni Traversari, the painters of the sceneries were Nicola Benvenuti of Perugia and Biseo of Rome, who also painted the service curtain called “comodino”. Gioacchino Altobelli of Terni painted the stage curtain depicting an episode from Gattamelata Fortunes. The Theater was inaugurated with the representation of the Traviata—whose name was changed by the censorship to the more neutral Violetta—on 3 May 1856, date that coincides with the Patron Saint festivity of Narni. On this occasion, the soprano Carlotta Carozzi Zucchi, prima donna of that evening, was paid tribute with an incision with her portrait and the written dedication: “To Carlotta Carozzi Zucchi, first and absolute prima donna of the Civic Theater of Narni Opening”. A long period of activity for the Teatro Comunale started, rich with representations performed by famous companies of prose, opera and lyric, including the famous tenor Begnamino Gigli. After the work of restoration, its audience capacity has changed from the original 6-700 seats to the current 350 and consists of 3 orders of boxes—17 each—and a loggia.
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