Luogo - Museum

Museo del silenzio

Where via Santa Maria in Castello, Fara in Sabina (Rieti)

The Museum is unique, it does not offer a simple visit, but it leads to a new and ancient simultaneously. Upon entering the large hall which houses the exhibition, part of the ancient Church of St. Mary in the Castle, which was later incorporated into the palace of the seventeenth century (which is preserved only part of a fresco depicting the Virgin Mary of Providence, by Antoniazzo Romano), visitors pass by the outside light to the darkness, according to a preset. Here are the important issues dear to the nuns' life (prayer, silence, discipline, the kitchen, the work) accompanied by a series of images projected on the ceiling of the room, emphasizing the function of objects, depriving them at the same time, any reference to space and time.

Museo del silenzio c
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