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Museo archeologico di Trebula Mutuesca

Where via Lucio Mummio, 11, Monteleone Sabino (Rieti)

Born in October 1995, the Trebula Mutuesca Archaeological Museum was created to preserve the artistic and historical evidence discovered on the site of the Sabine town of the same name. The Museum is housed in several rooms of the Palazzo Comunale and illustrates the history of the site of Trebula: from the installation of the first the Italic sanctuary (fourth century BC) to the development of the town in Roman times, until its decadence and abandonment in the early Middle Ages. The exhibition is divided into five sections: a geological and historical setting of the area, with a description of the main archaeological finds of the ager Trebulanus, the pre-Roman era, with particular reference to the shrines and materials from the votive deposit of materials of St. Victoria (heads, babies in swathes, anatomical votives, animal depictions, painted-over pottery, black painted pottery, achromatic pottery, etc.); the Roman period, where the focus is on the transformation of Trebula from vicus (neighbourhood) to municipium (town) with a display of artefacts and sculptures of old excavations and chance findings, an epigraphic section, where some inscriptions are displayed and, where the most significant ones cannot be exhibited photographic reproductions are offered; St. Victoria and the catacomb complex, an excursus through the beautiful Romanesque church, related archaeological findings, and the adjoining cemetery area.

Museo archeologico di Trebula Mutuesca c
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