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Museo del monastero di Santa Filippa Mareri

Where Borgo San Pietro, Petrella Salto (Rieti)

In 1977, Clarisse nuns established a museum bringing together historical testimonies of monastery life in a large room annexed to the convent building dedicated to Saint Filippa Mareri (13th century). The new layout, inaugurated in February 2000 in a setting evocative of the convent atmosphere, contains a selection of objects of the collection comprising vestments and liturgical furnishing, ex votos, mediaeval parchments, domestic utensils and furniture, texts and recipes of the ancient pharmacy, spinning and weaving machines, hope chests and other objects dating from the 13th to the 19th century. The museum also exhibits some paintings by Giorgio De Chirico which were donated to the monastery by his family. Worth noting: a 15th century wooden Madonna; a chestnut wood portal by Master Giacomo di Bernardino (16th century); frescoes from the Grotto of S. Nicola in Staffoli (13th century).

Museo del monastero di Santa Filippa Mareri c
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