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Eremo e Santuario di Fonte Colombo

Where Via Fonte Colombo, Rieti

Sanctuary of Fonte Colombo, near the town of Rieti, is one of the four Franciscan sanctuaries that mark the so-called Way of St. Francis in Santa Rieti Valley, along with Greccio, Foresta and Poggio Bustone. Monastery complex consists of a small square overlooked by the church, consecrated in 1450 and dedicated to St. Francis and St. Bernardine of Siena. Further down you will find the hermitage of San Francesco, Church of Blessed Virgin chapel and Sacro Speco. The great church of the monastery is simplicity, despite having undergone many changes, including the porch makeover completed in 1940. The interior has a single nave, is covered with trusses. Wooden choir dates from the seventeenth century. Along the right wall are two valuable wooden sculptures of the seventeenth century. Subsequently they were opened the windows of the presbytery, which were added five stained glass windows donated by famous opera singer Mattia Battistini. The lunette of the portal is a painting of Madonna and Child with Saints. Extremely suggestive cloister to the right of the church. The hermitage was rediscovered in 1947 and has remained largely unchanged.

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