Luogo - Religious building

Santuario di Poggio Bustone (Convento di San Giacomo)

Where Via San Giacomo, Poggio Bustone (Rieti)

Shrine of Poggio Bustone, dedicated to St. James, is one of the four Franciscan sanctuaries that mark Way of St. Francis in Santa Rieti Valley, along with Greccio, Fonte Colombo and Forest. St. Francis came to Poggio Bustone with some of his companions in the summer of 1208. The construction of Sanctuary began in the thirteenth century, when they built the convent and the church in the cloister. At the turn of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries the convent was enlarged and built a new church, while in the seventeenth century the monastery was added another floor. It dates back to the twentieth century the building of the "Temple of Peace", by architect Carpiceci. Inside there is a statue of St. Francis of marble by sculptor Lorenzo Ferri.

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