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Where VIA CINTIA, 83, Rieti

The Museum of Ecclesiastical Heritage of the Diocese of Rieti, with its exhibition tour winds through the rooms of the Cathedral and the ancient Palace of the Popes, allows us to know in addition to the areas purely ecclesial heritage of history, art and faith city collected over the centuries: the objects of liturgical use, statues, paintings, wallpaper document the ways and styles with which the will of catechesis of the clergy, the ability of local artists, the popular religiosity expressed. The exhibition is developed in environments in itself suggestive, which bear traces of important architectural and artistic expertise of past centuries: by the Treasury of the Cathedral, which is more than three decades is headquartered in the ancient Baptistery dominated the memoirs and paintings sculptures of the Renaissance, the visitor passes through the upper Basilica, the mighty Romanesque structure and the internal bearing track eloquent Tridentine age, to descend into the lower Basilica and access to the sacristy and the Lapidarium that have intact the charm of the Middle Ages. Hence, through the cloister leading to the thirteenth-century Popes Palace, you enter the gallery, set up in the audience hall of the papal curia, the architect Andrea magister legitimate pride for its harmonious proportions and the vastness of space.


Saturday 4:00/6:00 pm; Sunday 10:00/12:00 am and 4:00/6:00 pm.

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