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Lago di Piediluco

Where Via Cioffi O., 3, Terni

Village, part of Terni, is located on the banks of homonymous lake that feeds, along with the waters of Velino river, Marmora Falls. From 2016 is part of "The most beautiful villages in Italy". In a 1028 document mentioning Castello de Luco (on the top of Mount della Rocca, from Latin Lucus, Sacred Grove) and curtem de Postro (by the lake), as a possession of Bernard D'Arrochar, lord of place, where the grants to the monks of Abbey of Farfa. La Rocca was characterized by a tower with its square tower, which now only ruins remain. Below was a small village, in an area called "the Hill." In 1208 St. Francis passed in this country, as evidenced by the church dedicated to him. At one time there was practiced the fishing, but today an important source of income comes from tourism also linked to the lake sporting events. Between the end of June and beginning of July is celebrated the summer solstice with "Water Festival", ancient tradition that culminates with a parade of decorated boats on the lake. Since 1992, moreover, takes place "Piediluco in Music", festival that includes musical events and study classes for chamber music.

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