Luogo - Religious building

Basilica di San Valentino

Where Viale Zaccaria, 12, Terni

The Basilica of St. Valentine, a place of pilgrimage for all lovers, dates back to the fourth century. It was built on the tomb of the martyr, the patron Saint of the city of Terni, in an old early Christian necropolis. Destroyed by the Goths in the sixth century and then rebuilt, it passed in management to the Benedictines. The present building dates from the seventeenth century, when Pope Paul V started the excavations for the recovery of the relics of the Saint. In 1625, the Archduke Leopold of Austria took charge of the construction of a new marble altar, behind which is the choir with the "St. Valentine's Confession", a painting of the seventeenth century that celebrates the martyrdom of the Saint.

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