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Mostra permanente di paleontologia

Where Vico Catina, 4, Terni
Permanent Exhibition of Paleontology The permanent exhibition Mostra Permanente di Paleontologia is displayed inside the former-14th century Church of San Tommaso, in the eastern sector of the historical center of Terni. The collection is—in its entirety—an interesting nucleus of materials, one of the most complete of Italy, for learning about micro-mammals during the Plio-Pleistocene and one of the most important of Umbria for the presence of vertebrates. The structure hosts several thousand pieces, of which 300 specimens are exhibited. They are related to fossils of continental and sea origins coming from Southern Umbria. The continuous scientific updating of the structure, which periodically enriches its collection with excavations and recognition in the field through collaboration with other institutes of research is guaranteed. A section is entirely dedicated to the evolved history of the genre Homo.
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